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RESKOM excels in overcoming integration challenges with Boomi’s cloud-based platform. Seamlessly connect applications and data sources, streamline operations, and enhance business performance. Rapidly develop and deploy integrations, reducing costs and accelerating time-to-market. Maximize Boomi’s suite of capabilities for API and data management with RESKOM’s expertise. Choose our Boomi Advantage for scalable, agile solutions, on-premise or in the cloud. Unlock your data’s potential and drive exceptional results with RESKOM.

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RESKOM Boomi Services


Integration Strategy Consulting

We align integration strategies with business objectives, offering comprehensive support for integration initiatives, including:

  1. Integration Assessment
  2. Integration Roadmap Development
  3. Integration Architecture Design
  4. Technology Selection and Vendor Evaluation
  5. Data Governance and Security
  6. Performance Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

Our customized integration strategy consulting services optimize your integration efforts, streamline processes, and drive organizational growth.


Implementation (Design & Launch)

Leveraging product experience and technology accelerators, our consultants offer customized Boomi integration solutions and full lifecycle support. Our key services include:

  1. Requirements Analysis
  2. Solution Design
  3. Boomi Platform Setup
  4. Development and Testing
  5. Deployment and Go-Live
  6. Monitoring and Support
  7. End-to-end CI/CD/CT pipeline implementation

For seamless integration projects, rely on our comprehensive Boomi implementation services.


Migration Consulting Services

We provide expert Boomi migration consulting services for seamless integration process and API transitions. Our experienced consultants guide you through successful migrations from legacy systems or other platforms. Overview of our migration services:

  1. Assessment and Planning
  2. Mapping and Design
  3. Data Migration
  4. Development and Testing
  5. Post-Migration Support

With our Boomi migration consulting services, smoothly transition your integration workflows to the powerful and cloud-native Boomi platform.


Platform Review & Optimization Services

We provide Boomi platform review and optimization services to enhance performance and value. Our consultants conduct comprehensive reviews and offer tailored optimization recommendations. Services include:

  1. Platform Assessment
  2. Performance Analysis
  3. Scalability Evaluation
  4. Security and Governance Review
  5. Error Handling and Exception Management
  6. Integration Process Optimization
  7. Best Practice Adoption & Optimization Roadmap

Enhance the performance, scalability, security, and reliability of your Boomi integration platform with our review and optimization services. Achieve seamless connectivity and maximize your investment.

managed services

Managed Services

Our managed services provide end-to-end support for your Boomi environment, including implementation, solutions delivery, and ongoing management. Our services include:

  1. Platform Administration
  2. 24/7 Platform monitoring
  3. Reporting & Maintenance

With Boomi managed services we provide offer expert management and support for your integration environment, allowing you to focus on your core business with confidence.

Together, we can unlock the full potential of your integration initiatives and drive business success.

Key Boomi Capabilities

Boomi Automation and Data Integration
Our services will help you integrate workflows that meet your business needs with ease. Third-party applications like Salesforce and Netsuite can be easily connected with Boomi, making data integration across hybrid multi-cloud landscapes a simple task for us. With Boomi’s drag-and-drop mobility and vast library of applications and technology integrators, we can centrally manage the cloud and deploy integrations.
Boomi Master Data Hub (MDM)
Every company wants its data to flow seamlessly between devices. At RESKOM, we are aware that unreliable and ineffective data can negatively impact integration. We assist organizations in achieving accuracy and consistency in their data, enhancing the user experience by providing best-in-class Boomi MDM services. Companies can simplify and streamline their business transactions, purchase orders, and invoices with the Boomi MDM platform.
Boomi B2B/EDI Management
With Boomi B2B/EDI management, we can facilitate businesses in interacting with trading partners, deploying transactions, and monitoring integrations. With Boomi B2B/EDI management, we can:
  • Support essential B2B EDI standards
  • Connect with a wide range of trading partners
  • Manage your trading partners with a single click
  • Make everything from generating reports to reconciling them simple
  • Access your partners anytime with the Boomi AtomSphere platform
Workflow Automation & App Development
Boomi is a low-code or no-code platform, and its drag-and-drop interface simplifies app development. Our services ensure that automation is manageable and easy. We ensure smooth automation and workflow for an excellent user experience. With the Boomi platform, we can:
  • Easily and securely integrate data on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments
  • Build efficient and flawless applications using the drag-and-drop interface
  • Flexibility to deploy apps either online or offline to enhance customer experience
Why Reskom

RESKOM Capabilities

RESKOM helps transform your business by creating integrated experiences that have a fast go-to-market and are scalable into the future. Every integration is executed by a team of experts with vast experience resulting in solutions which are robust and reusable.

Deep Expertise

We recognize that successful integration entails more than just linking applications; it involves enabling seamless business processes, enhancing productivity, and optimizing user experience. Our approach empowers you with an integrated IT ecosystem, fostering efficiency, innovation, and growth.

Our Accelerators

Through the utilization of our cutting-edge technology accelerators, you gain the ability to optimize your development and deployment procedures, eliminating potential bottlenecks, and expediting your go-to-market strategy for enhanced business success.

Agile & Reusable

Embracing Agile methodologies and designing reusable components are crucial for driving efficiency, productivity, and long-term success. Our tailored approach empowers you to construct scalable integrations, achieving rapid growth and sustainable performance.

Flexible Pricing

We understand that different customers have different requirements. That's why we have designed our Scaled Pricing strategy to accommodate a variety of factors, ensuring that you get the most out of our services.

Why Boomi

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